About Our Cheeses

Our milk is collected from dedicated local farms in the West Country to guarantee the highest quality and freshness.

After pasteurisation of the milk, specially selected cultures are added to the milk. Vegetarian rennet is introduced to gently coagulate the milk into the curds that make up the cheese. The curds are cut into cubes to accelerate the release of the whey. The curds are then poured into moulds, which are then turned up to three times to drain the whey evenly.

Once removed from the mould, the cheeses are lightly dusted with salt, racked and stored in special maturing rooms. A distinctive edible white coat grows on the cheese during the course of ten days. Our cheese is then wrapped in a breathable material, allowing it to continue to ripen.

Lubborn Creamery Somerset Camembert

Lubborn Somerset Camembert

Lubborn Somerset Camembert is rich and creamy with a soft edible white rind. As the cheese matures the curd softens, becoming a uniform butter or straw colour and developing a fuller flavour. Accompany with a fruity, light-bodied red such as Beaujolais or for a more Somerset flavour, serve with cider!

For a simple appetiser, grill sliced camembert on toast, topped with chopped roasted walnuts. Lubborn Somerset Camembert is suitable for vegetarians.

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