If you are thinking of starting a dairy farm or a business related to the dairy industry, then you need to read lots of relevant books. Here are some good books we recommend.

Milk Money

By – Kirk Kardashian

Over many years the dairy industry has experienced price disparity. The market price of milk and dairy products remained the same while the farmers go less money. The farmers started struggling to bear the cost of milk production.

In this book, the author has investigated the condition of the dairy industry to find out the factors that are leading to this unusual situation. The author also discusses how the small dairy farms had to shut down due to a lack of revenue.

Cash Cow

By – Elise Desaulniers

The author of the book is an animal rights advocate and a food critic. The author talks about the people who benefit from milk production, how the price is affecting the market, and how to ensure the welfare of these animals.

Small-Scale Dairy

By – Gianaclis Caldwell

This book will teach you how to produce the best quality milk. You will learn about hygiene, microbiology, animal care, and related things that ensure the production of top-quality milk. If you want to start a dairy farm business, then this book will be very helpful.

These books can teach you about many aspects of dairy farming. You will know how the milk is produced, priced, and marketed. Whether you want to produce milk for family use or sell it to consumers, you will find advice and recommendations here. The books are a result of a lot of investigation, and you will find the books useful.